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The Period Company - The Sleeper Highwaist

The Period Company - The Sleeper Highwaist

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Heavy absorbency: for heavy nights and heavy days with heavy bleeding.

Absorbs up to 10 tampons or 6 pads.

I have worked to ensure that you can sleep well during your period. I've built in five layer padding that absorbs both vertical and horizontal leakage because when you sleep your period can flow a little differently and I want to make sure your night is leak proof.

Made from soft organic cotton, I'm cosy, comfy and huggable to make you feel safe and secure and like you're wearing a combination of your favorite leggings and pajamas. I'm also ideal for those cheeky first heavy days when you can lie on the couch all day, given the choice. Sleep well.

When to wear: on heavy nights or on very heavy days.

On your vulva* you wear: organic cotton

Find your size: Fits true to size

Style: high waist, cyclist

Suction strength: extra super strong up to 150 ml

Washable up to: 60°C

Pros: Vegan, Flinta* owned business, Fairmade, organic cotton

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