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    Germany's largest selection of period underwear to try on in xxs-6XL

    Menstrual discs, cups, sponges, soft tampons, tampons, cloth pads, pads and more:

    Libauer Straße 1 - 10245 Berlin

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    Individual advice from us - even at your place.

    Readings, workshops and sports activities.

    Experts around the cycle share their knowledge.

    Become part of the community.

    Menstruators: Unite!

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    Exquisite selection for discerning needs.

    Everything you need for ultimate comfort and style.

    Welcome to a new era of bleeding.

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Of slices and cups

Discover freedom with menstrual discs!
Our menstrual discs offer you a sustainable and comfortable alternative to conventional products. Easier changing - menstrual discs can be worn for up to 12 hours, ideal for a full day of activity!

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