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We want you to bleed as best as possible! We have curated the most beautiful product selection for you, advise you individually and let you try on all panties in the Berlin shop.

When it comes to bleeding, pictures and product descriptions are of little help.
Every menstruation is so individual that touching and trying on is a must.

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We are a growing team of midwives, cultural scientists, fashion designers, coaches, running trainers, sex toy experts, educators and cycle experts.

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Choose from over 30 international brands in the shop, from sponges, discs, cups, tampons, (washable) pads, panties and more. In the
Period shop all menstruators find their favorite products in terms of design, fit, material, sustainability, price and absorbency.

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The period shop also offers workshops, readings, running training, discussion groups and more.

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The period shop is there for everyone - whether you want to hold a round table on endometriosis or launch your new product - we are open to many things!

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