Keine Biozide, kein Silber! - Schöner Bluten.

No biocides, no silver!

Natural protection without compromise!

For us, the health and well-being of our customers is our top priority. We would therefore like to make it clear: We do not offer period underwear containing biocides or silver ions. Why? Because we believe that naturalness and comfort should go hand in hand. And, because as a midwife I value the vaginal flora too much to expose it to antibacterial substances.

The over 20 manufacturers you can choose from in our store rely on innovative materials that gently absorb moisture and neutralize odors without resorting to harmful chemicals or silver ions. We firmly believe that the best solutions are often the simplest and most natural.

With our underwear you can move freely without having to worry about harmful substances. No unnecessary use of biocides or silver ions, only pure, carefully selected materials. Often they are Tencel or bamboo. Welcome to the next generation of period underwear that balances naturalness and protection.

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