Wascheinleitung Periodenunterwäsche - Schöner Bluten.

How do I wash period underwear?

How to take care of your panties:

Wash your period panty at 30-40°C before wearing it for the first time

Do not wear your panty for more than 10-12 hours during your period

After wearing your panties, rinse them briefly with cold water (don't rub) until the water runs clear . This will dissolve blood proteins and prevent any germs and/or odors from forming.


Wash your panties at 30-40°C, depending on the manufacturer. The brands “Taynie” and “the period company” can also be washed at 60°C. However, 30-40°C is completely sufficient and will extend the life of your period panties. 

Do not use fabric softener or bleach. ECO detergent is particularly suitable and will not reduce the absorbency of your period panties.

To ensure that you can enjoy your period panties for a long time, we recommend using a laundry net when washing them. Avoid using too high a spin speed - 800 revolutions is sufficient.

Period panties are not suitable for the dryer and should not be ironed .


Slowly find the right wearing time for you and check your period panties at shorter intervals to begin with.

On the heavier days of your period, it is advisable to check your period panties more regularly and change them if necessary. 

Alternatively, you can choose a more absorbent model or our washable pads,  sustainable tampons, or use a menstrual cup or disc for additional protection.

It is important that you wear a thin pair of briefs underneath when trying on the underwear for hygienic reasons, as used, dirty and washed underwear cannot be exchanged. 

We wish you beautiful bleeding.

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