ab 21.2.24: Mittwochs Yin Yoga and Breath Practice

ab 21.2.24: Mittwochs Yin Yoga and Breath Practice

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ab 20.02.24!

Yin yoga and breath practice for deep relaxation


Yin yoga is one of the calmer forms of yoga where we stay for a longer time in each shape, allowing for tension to release and the nervous system to come into a calm state. The practice of yin yoga aims at shifting us from a place of doing into a state of being, where we can be more present with ourselves and others. The long-held shapes target the muscles and the connective tissues, supporting circulation in the body and can work through stiffness around the joints. We use breathing exercises to further bring the body and mind into a deep state of relaxation. Certain breathing techniques have been shown to be very effective in decreasing stress, and we will go through several of them throughout the sessions, hopefully giving you plenty of tools to take with you into your daily life. This practice can be done by anyone, regardless of your experience of yoga.


Andrea is originally from Sweden and has been teaching yoga for over ten years. She currently lives in Berlin, where she teaches yoga classes and leads yin yoga teacher trainings. 

Tickets via Urban Sports (soon) or 12-15€ Cash. 

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