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Cora Disc Hart / Soft

Cora Disc Hart / Soft

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The Cora Perfect Fit Disc features an innovative design that fits most bodies without the guesswork. The Cora Disc is made with premium ultra-soft, medical-grade silicone for a comfortable and effective fit. The disc creates a natural seal at the base of your cervix so you can feel confident in your disc even on your period's heaviest days. This disc collects blood rather than absorbs it, so there is no dryness or irritation.

Expert removal tip: A finger width grip aids in the removal process. See our Cora Disc review on Period Nirvana.

Cora Perfect Fit Disc Benefits

  • Fits most bodies 
  • Made with premium ultra-soft, medical-grade silicone 
  • Can stand up to heavy days 

Your Purchase Includes: One Cora Disc, one breathable cotton pouch, and a user guide in an upcycleable metal canister .

Who is the Cora Perfect Fit Disc Good For?

The Cora Perfect Fit Disc is designed to fit most bodies and unlike menstrual cups, your age and activity level aren't deciding factors. It's an almost "one size fits all" product. The disc can be worn during penetrative intercourse. First time disc users will find the finger width grip easier when it's time to remove the product. 

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